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Promoting the traditional music sounds of Appalachia in our youth is the major focus of the Share America Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501-C3, operating from Catoosa County, Ga.

"We are just now beginning to explore all the areas in which we might encourage young people's interest in the true music of our region," said Randall Franks, president, former "In the Heat of the Night" co-star who played "Officer Randy Goode."

Franks' musical stylings have been heard in 150 countries and by more than 25 million Americans. The Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame member's career boasts 21 album releases, 21 singles, and over 200 recordings with various artists from various genres. In addition to his solo career, Franks is a former member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys, Jim and Jesse's Virginia Boys and has performed with Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Lewis Family, the Marksmen, "Doc" Tommy Scott's Last Real Old Time Medicine Show and Doodle and the Golden River Grass.

Our latest fundraiser is the DVD "Precious Memories" taped live at the Ringgold Depot in 2014 includes 18 performances including Randall Franks, Calvary's Blend, Cody Harvey, Butch Lanham, Tim Owens and Journey On, Ryan Stinson and Johnnie Sue. It is available as a gift for a donation of $20.
                  Share America Foundation, Inc. 
                P.O. Box 42 Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755

Our fundraiser CD is available on Itunes and Amazon. It was graciously donated by Tom Adkins and will be available to receive by mail for a donation to Share America of $16. You can donate online on the Share America Gifts Page or send the donation to Share America Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 42 Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755. Visit S.

The Board of Directors is elected annually.
 "My brother Jerry (Robinson, Sr.) and I are extremely grateful that these talented civic-minded individuals have offered their time to serve and help us not only build the scholarship fund honoring our late parents through fundraising efforts but to guide the program as we seek our first scholarship recipients," Franks said. The organization oversees the Pearl and Floyd Franks Scholarship Fund, helping graduating seniors talented in the Appalachian musical arts to seek higher education. The fund is named for Franks' late parents, who helped manage his career. Candidates for the scholarship are accepted from Catoosa, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia and Rhea and Cumberland counties in Tennessee and other areas from which the organization receives support.

Robinson is a retired fire department captain from Naval Air Station Pensacola. He currently serves as a team member with the Fraternity All Volunteer Retired Technical Servicemen, who take on service projects in the Molino, Fla. area. He served formerly as a board member for the Children's Fire Safety House serving throughout the panhandle of Florida. "Involving the community in the effort of helping youth with musical talents is a wonderful endeavor," he said. "While I never learned to play I know all the projects we will take on in the future will honor the legacy left by our folks."

Joining Franks and his brother on the Board of Directors are Gary Knowles, chairman; Jimmy Terrell, vice chairman, and James Pelt, secretary. 

Gary Knowles is a retired businessman formally in the restaurant supply business. He formally served as lay leader at Ringgold United Methodist Church. He is active in several Catoosa County charities including Nourishing Children in Catoosa.

Jimmy Terrell is a retired Southern Baptist minister of 42 years of service and from the Georgia Baptist Convention as a state missionary after 26 years. He served in stewardship development and capital fund raising for churches and church financial services. “I am proud to be involved the Share America because I see the encouragement that it gives to young musicians in a career of music or other careers as they follow God's will for their lives,” he said. “This is an encouragement that will last throughout their lives because someone believed in them. This is so important for young lives today in the world in which we live.” 

James Pelt is retired from Staples after 35 years of service, where he was an account manager. He moved here from his home town, Macon, GA in 2001 to manage accounts in the Northwest Georgia and Tennessee area. He currently serves as the new Lay Leader at Ringgold United Methodist Church and works as a volunteer in the Catoosa County COAD (Catoosa Organization Acting in Disaster, the long term disaster relief organization) since the tornado struck Catoosa in April of 2011. His civic interests have ranged from being a Boy Scout Executive Board member, assistant Scout Master and trainer of adult Scouts in Macon, to a former Lions Club member and a former Rotary Club member. “I am a big fan of all types of music, having played in my who are also musicians. My grandfather and one of my uncles were fiddlers. While I don’t play now, I really enjoy gospel and especially bluegrass music and I have a large collection of music recordings of all genres to keep me entertained in my retirement. I think it is a special service to help young folks through the Share America Foundation who appreciate this special southern American music and continue the tradition by performing, so many more can enjoy and carry on the music tradition that so identifies our life style.

Among those locally who have joined the task force and volunteers are David Carlock, Jill Clark, Jane Everett, Charles Lancaster, Linda Petty, Shirley Smith, Paul Stone, Karol Radovich, Ruth Worley, Maureen Turner, Kathy Liner, Millie Coleman and Waymond Watts.

"There is one thing I have learned about any philanthropic endeavor, it only becomes a success through the support of those wishing to donate their time, their hands and their hearts to make it one," Franks said. "I appreciate all those who are offering their support of our efforts."

We thank former Board Member Adam Cathey for his service as in various positions including Secretary and Member at Large 2006-2015.

We honor and remember our late board members:

Chairman Joe Turner who served from 2006-2014. Turner, who served on the Board of Governors of Lexington Shrine Hospital for Children in Kentucky. He spent much of his life helping children and one of his passions is encouraging young performers in their talents. He featured young performers at Alhambra Shrine Temple in Chattanooga where he served as birthday entertainment director. "I grew up in the midst of "My home region produced many talented performers such as Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless, Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, Hylo Brown, and Dwight Yoakum who all share a love for this wonderful American music," Turner said. "I am honored to play a role in encouraging new talents from throughout the South through this new organization and its scholarship."

Vice Chairman Gene Lowery, former Catoosa County Probate Judge, who served from 2006-2014. Lowery enjoyed a 20-year history of singing Southern gospel music. He also served on the Adult Protective Service Panel and Jack Mattox Golf Tournament Invitational Board. His thoughts about serving with Share America: "It is gratifying to know I'm in an organization working to help young people who are musically inclined further their education," he said. "The tradition of gospel and all the music of Appalachia are something we need to keep going and promoting to new generations."

ament Invitational Board. "It is gratifying to know I'm in an organization working to help young people who are musically inclined further their education," he said. "The tradition of gospel and all of the music of Appalachia are something we need to keep going and promoting to new generations."
Share America Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 42, Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755

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